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Online Reputation Management Services :­ervices

We used this company , in order to push out from the first 10 pages of google , all the negative info about our company .

We hired them for a normal online reputation management service .

Instead of posting positive material about us , they just removed the negative info about us , from all the first 10 pages of google , using sophisticated hacking systems .

They did not bury our negative search results , they took down entire webpages !!!! Beware those guys are professional hackers !

While hiring an online reputation management company , I expect to get regular reputation management services , the ones that usually all companies are delivering , and in this case , we got involved with professional hackers .

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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When you they took down entire websites do mean the were de-indexed or sand boxed by Google? As a Reputation Manager myself here is what I think they did. Instead of creating unique content on various Web 2.0 properties and develop them, they just blasted the sites that had negative with millions of links!

Those websites however will likely bounce back in a very short time and often are more powerful. This method is a cheap and quick way of scamming people. These kind of people do not care who they hurt. When they do this they will take out sites that have nothing to do with negative content.

If you require an honest evaluation of your damaged reputation please email me @


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